Discover Australian Gold Botanical at Tanboutique

At Tanboutique we are happy with the fantastic Australian Gold Botanical sunscreens in our range. These natural sunscreens with mineral filters (SPF 30) offer perfect protection against both UVA and UVB radiation

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A unique composition for your skin

What makes Australian Gold Botanical so special? It all starts with the unique composition. These creams are enriched with the famous Australian Gold skin care, which is known for its quality and effectiveness. Kakadu Plum, one of the richest sources of vitamin C, protects your skin against damage from external influences. The addition of original Australian Eucalyptus not only gives a rejuvenating effect, but also provides your skin with an extra oxygen boost. In addition, these sunscreens contain red algae extracts and vitamin E, which nourish and care for your skin down to the last detail.

Easy and reliable

What you will certainly appreciate is that the Australian Gold Botanical sunscreen is not sticky, does not feel greasy, and is absorbed effortlessly into the skin. They are also sweat and water resistant, which is ideal for adventures under the sun. At Tanboutique we believe in responsible beauty. That's why our botanical lotions are coral-friendly, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and even child-friendly. Furthermore, the packaging is recyclable, which contributes to a greener planet.

Choose protection with quality

Choose the protection you deserve, with the quality that Tanboutique is known for. Discover the Australian Gold Botanical sunscreens today and enjoy the sun without any worries!