Self-tanner Tanning spray

A spray is easy to use and provides a natural complexion. Because it is a mist, it gives an even result through atomization. A spray is often easy to build up by always applying a thin layer of atomization. From a spray tan face to a tanning spray for the entire body, at Tanboutique you can find a high-quality tanning spray!

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The spray is ideal for the face, neck and décolleté, but can of course also be used on the rest of the body. The spray is also very nice because it dries quickly and gives an immediate result. With the 360 ​​nozzle of Australian Gold Instant Sunless you can hold the bottle upside down so you can reach difficult spots. A self-tanner spray is suitable for all skin types.

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From a spray tan for the face to a tanning spray for the décolleté, at Tanboutique you can find a tanning spray from various quality brands. Do you have a question about a specific spray tan face or are you curious which tanning spray suits your skin best? Please feel free to contact us!