The perfect make-up for your skin.

Bolero Cosmetics: The Story

The story of Bolero Cosmetics dates back 29 years
ago from the passionate mind of Milou Bouter, the inspired visionary
behind the cosmetic label. Her personal challenge? Find that makeup
was both effective and gentle on the skin. This search took her to
fairs in Italy, where the elegance and beauty of this country hair
inspired to create her own cosmetics line. In the land of fashion and
finesse, Bolero Cosmetics was born.

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Bolero Cosmetics: An ode to natural beauty

Bolero Cosmetics products are not only intended for people with sensitive skin, but for everyone who embraces affordable quality and natural beauty. Men and women of all ages and skin types share their love for Bolero Cosmetics. Bolero Cosmetics believes that quality and beauty should be accessible to everyone.

Bolero Cosmetics at Tanboutique: Start shining

At Tanboutique we are happy with Bolero Cosmetics in our range. Discover our collection of Bolero Cosmetics products now and let the magic of a natural, radiant look embrace you.

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