A beautiful, even tan without sun or artificial light .
With a self-tanner you can create a beautiful complexion wherever you want or are. Using a good self-tanner you can create, build up and maintain your tan. . At Tanboutique you can buy a self-tanner that fully meets all your needs.

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How does a self-tanner work?

A self-tanner is a cosmetic product to which DHA has been added. DHA is a natural substance derived from the bark of a chestnut tree. This substance attaches to the proteins in the skin and this ensures that you get your beautiful complexion when you use a self-tanner. DHA can be used for all skin types. You can easily achieve the desired complexion by using the amount of DHA.

What do you prefer?

The most famous self-tanner and the first to be marketed is the spray. With the Instant sunless self-tanner spray you will have a beautiful streak-free tan in no time. Do you prefer to smear? Then the use of a self-tanner lotion or a self-tanner mousse is recommended. Or would you rather mix a few drops of the Going darker drops with your day cream to get a beautiful tan.

Buy self-tanner at Tanboutique

Are you looking for a self-tanner that allows you to create a beautiful tan in a very simple way? At Tanboutique you can find various self-tanners. This means that there is guaranteed to be a self-tanner among the lot
meets all your wishes. Do you have a question about a specific self-tanner or are you curious which self-tanner best suits your needs? Please feel free to contact us. The specialists at Tanboutique are happy to help you
making the right choice!