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With more than thirty years of experience, the American sun cosmetics brand Australian Gold has the best expertise for producing tanning and skin care products. This is not just any sun cosmetics line. JWOWW sunbed cream was created in collaboration with Jennie Farley. Better known as JWOWW from the real life series 'Jersey Shore'. The products from the Australian Gold JWOWW line have a moisturizing and tanning effect and have become indispensable. At Tanboutique you can find Australian Gold JWOWW products!

JWOWW: a mix of
natural bronzers

The various JWOWW sunbed creams use natural bronzers. There are also products with a DHA bronzer. Ingredients used for the products include Erythrulose and caramel. The products also care for the skin, so you can quickly enjoy a beautiful and healthy tan.

Various sun products: sun cosmetics sunscreen

The brand offers various products. All about you being beautiful
to give color. Some products include: JWOWW Shore Win , JWOWW Shore Love and JWOWW Shore Nights . With the JWOWW Shore Win you develop a tan immediately after sunbathing. The cream also contains ingredients that ensure that the skin is protected against external influences. The JWOWW creams all have their own unique scent.

The perfect JWOWW sunbed cream for your skin

To ensure that the sunbed creams can do their work optimally, it is important to apply the tanning product in a circulating movement. This way, the sunbed cream is applied evenly and you don't forget any spots. This is how you create the healthy glow you are looking for

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