Sunbed creams with bronzer

Sunbed cream with bronzer is a special type of self-tanning cream that ensures that your skin gets a beautiful, even and natural tan more quickly. The cream contains bronzer, a tanning agent that gives your skin a sun-kissed glow immediately after applying the cream. This makes sunbed cream with bronzer ideal for people who want to see quick results and who want to get a beautiful, even and natural tan. Want to buy a tanning cream? Bee
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Types of sunbed cream with bronzer

There are different types of sunbed cream available to tan faster, depending on your skin type and the degree of tanning you want to achieve. Some sunbed creams with bronzer also contain nourishing ingredients, such as vitamins and antioxidants, that help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Other sunbed creams or tanning creams have been specially developed for people with sensitive skin, so that they can use them without their skin becoming irritated. In general, we distinguish three different types of sunbed creams with bronzer, namely: DHA bronzers, natural bronzers and cosmetic bronzers.

DHA bronzers

A DHA bronzer is the strongest type of bronzer. This sunbed cream bronzer extends your tan by 2 to 7 days. A DHA bronzer is transparent in color. This tanning bed cream DHA bronzer attaches to the proteins in your skin. This means that you will not only develop a beautiful tan under the tanning bed with a tanning bed cream bronzer, but also 4 to 8 hours after your tanning session. Therefore, after using a DHA bronzer, it is recommended to wait before showering for optimal results. The strength of the DHA bronzer depends on the DHA content of the sunbed cream. Looking for a product with a high DHA content? Then try the tanning bed bronzer Black Velvet , HOT! Black or for the real diehard Fortune .

Natural and cosmetic bronzers

The name actually says it all, a natural bronzer comes from natural ingredients. And there are a lot of them. Consider, for example, nuts, coconut, berries, etc. This type of bronzers can extend a tan by 1 to 3 days. A natural bronzer can be used by everyone. If you are looking for a natural bronzer product without DHA, Beach You To It or Color Me Coco might be the right product for you.

Last but not least, cosmetic bronzers. This bronzer gives the sunbed cream the brown color. The more cosmetic bronzer, the browner the cream will be. This has no effect on your actual pigmentation and tanning result. A cosmetic bronzer works like a kind of foundation, which you rinse off in the shower. Sunbed creams with bronzers are a handy way to quickly get a beautiful, even and natural tan without going to the sun. Thanks to the bronzer in the cream, you will see immediate results, so you can leave the house with confidence. Choose the best sunbed cream with bronzer for your skin type and enjoy a beautiful, healthy tan!

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