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Designer Skin

Pamper your skin with high-quality ingredients and luxurious scents. .

Sunscreen and tanning bed cream from Designer Skin

It is not without reason that Designer Skin's sunbed creams are known as...
World's Best Self Tanners. The American beauty brand's products have been rated several times as the best brand for fast tanning cream sunbeds. Mainly natural ingredients are used in the production of Designer Skin sunbed creams. Do you also want the best for your skin? At Tanboutique you can get a sunbed bronzer from Designer Skin!

Designer Skin: World's Best Self Tanners

This beautiful brand focuses on using the best ingredients and the most luxurious scents. Advanced bronzing systems are used for various products, including the fast tanning cream sunbed. The motto of Design Skin is: Designer skin. Exceptional skin care. Exceptional color. Which Designer Skin product will you choose?

Various luxurious spray tan products

The Designer Skin brand offers various products, including a tanning bed bronzer, which is also known as a fast tanning cream, tanning bed and a tan extender. These products are developed to further develop your tan after sunbathing. In addition, you will retain your tan for longer after using a fast tanning sunbed. Shop the best sunbed creams from Designer Skin with us!

Innovative tanning formulas

The goal of this brand is to continuously develop products using the most innovative formulas. Hereby
natural ingredients are used, including: almond oil, macadamia oil and various antioxidants and vitamins. The latest anti-aging technologies are also used, which prevents wrinkles and lines.

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Whether you go for the Designer Skin Sahara Jewel or you prefer the Designer Skin Awestruck , at Tanboutique you can find a wonderful fast tanning sunbed from Designer Skin. Are you curious which sunbed cream suits your skin best or do you have one?
Question about specific Designer Skin sunbed creams? Please feel free to contact us!

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