Enjoy the sun with the right sunscreen.
In addition to tanning bed cream, also offers products for the outdoor sun. Do you want to enjoy the outdoor sun? Then it is important to properly protect your skin against UV rays and to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Sunscreens have an SPF, Sun Protecting Factor. This SPF indicates how much longer you can sit in the sun without burning. Various SPFs are available from 6 to 50.

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How do you know which SPF to use?

If you can lie in the sun for 10 minutes without burning, then with factor 6 you will be protected for 60 minutes and you will not burn. With an SPF you can enjoy the sun for longer.

Want a nice tan faster?

Australian Gold and Selfie have SPFs with a bronzer. So you immediately get a tan and you tan faster and deeper. A natural bronzer is used, which, as the name suggests, comes from natural ingredients and does not stain.

There are different substances available: a spray such as SPF 15 spray gel + bronzer or you prefer a lotion such as SPF 30 lotion + bronzer . To protect your facial skin, you can use a specially developed product such as SPF 50 Face + Self tanner . Did you know that there are also sticks to protect your tattoo? For example , Fade Protection SPF 50 Stick prevents discoloration.

All our SPFs not only protect against the sun, but also provide excellent skin protection against salt and wind. They also take care of your skin. They are waterproof, spread easily and are quickly absorbed. They are also free of PABA and parabens and do not contain alcohol because that dries out the skin.

For advanced tanners, there are products available without factor, such as Mazzaci TanGo . Please note that the sun is at its strongest between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., so it is better to use an SPF or seek shade.