We take tanning seriously, and so does your skin.

Devoted Creations

For more than 20 years, Devoted Creations has specialized in sun cosmetics, so that you can sunbathe safely and responsibly. A sunbed cream from Devoted Creations stimulates pigment production, allowing you to get a faster and deeper tan and, above all, stay that way. The combination of product appearance and high-quality ingredients from Devoted Creations ensure that the products of this beautiful brand are a success. At Tanboutique you can order Devoted Creations online!

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Devoted Creations: high-quality ingredients

Since 2003, Devoted Creations has been committed to providing tanning salons with high-quality tanning products. Devoted Creations uses the best ingredients, latest technologies and develops the most innovative tanning complexes. The unique thing about Devoted Creations products is that almost all products are characterized by an Aloe vera base. This ingredient has a moisturizing and restorative effect, making Devoted Creations products extremely caring for the skin. Something that is of course extremely important, since you should always take your skin seriously. Want to buy Devoted Creations tanning creams? At Tanboutique you have come to the right place!

Various sun products from Devoted Creations

Thanks to the tanning accelerator from Devoted Creations, your tan starts after three to four minutes instead of eight minutes. Something that makes many sun lovers very happy, as this way you can get the desired result faster. Do you want to develop a tan even faster? With luxurious tanning accelerators from Devoted Creations with nouritan and meladark, your tan starts after 1.5 minutes. The Devoted Creations sunbed creams offer many benefits. In addition, a nourishing moisturizer for daily use from Devoted Creations should not be missing from your sun protection collection, as your skin will retain the color longer and take care of it at the same time!

The perfect sun product for every skin

There are not only different sun products from Devoted Creations, but also different skin types. Devoted Creations has the perfect sun product for every skin type. By filtering by novice tanner , slightly advanced tanner or advanced tanner , you are guaranteed to find a Devoted Creations sunbed cream that suits your skin perfectly. We take tanning seriously, and so does your skin.

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Whether you are looking for a Devoted Creations moisturizer or a Devoted Creations sunbed cream, at Tanboutique you can order Devoted Creations online that protect and care for your skin. Are you curious which Devoted Creations product suits your skin best or do you have a question about specific Devoted Creations sunbed creams? Please feel free to contact us!

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