Moisturizers take optimal care of the skin. A moisturizer hydrates the skin and prevents it from drying out. A moisturizer can be applied daily after showering.

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A moisturizer has a color prolonging effect

A moisturizer is almost as important as using a sunbed cream. In order to enjoy your color for as long as possible, it is important to continue to hydrate the skin and maintain its moisture level. UV radiation, both under the sunbed and in the outdoor sun, dries out the skin. Many of our moisturizers also contain bronzers or color-extending ingredients. Like So Naughty Nude , this is a moisturizer with natural bronzers. Do you want that little bit extra? Then Crown of Gold might be more for you. In addition to natural bronzers, this moisturizer also contains a 10-fold DHA bronzer.

Looking for something cooling?

Then look at moisturizers with aloe vera, such as Saltwater Sundays. This moisturizer is ideal for sensitive skin. Like Forever After , this is Australian Gold's #1. A rich lotion that remains active for 24 hours. In addition to using a sunbed cream, we 100% recommend using a moisturizer. Optimal results and enjoy your summer complexion even longer.