Revolutionary tanning products

The Fox Tan is the go-to solution for anyone who dreams of a deep tan without having to spend hours under the sun. Our revolutionary tanning products are designed to provide you with a beautiful glow, whether you go for a natural, golden shade or an intense, tan. With our products you don't have to choose between real or a bronzer - we have everything you need to shine.

Sunless tanning solutions

No sun? No problem! Our NEW Self-Tan line is developed using 100% plant-based DHA, odor-reducing technology and the most delicious tropical scents... blissful indulgence! Whether you want a subtle glow for a natural look or a deep, rich tan for a striking look, The Fox Tan has something for everyone. Our self-tanners are easy to apply and provide an even, flawless complexion.

Quality and reliability

At The Fox Tan, quality and reliability come first. Our products are developed with high-quality ingredients to ensure you get the best results. Our formulas are dermatologically tested and free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for all skin types. Whether you're a novice or experienced user, you can trust that our products will give you a beautiful, natural-looking complexion.

Available at Tanboutique

The Fox Tan products are available at Tanboutique, so you have easy access to your favorite bronzing essentials. Add The Fox Tan to your beauty routine and enjoy a beautiful, sun-kissed complexion all year round!

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