Haarlemmer brown: a deep brown shade

Enjoy the Haarlemmer brown effect within a few hours. The products have been developed in such a way that you will have beautiful sun-tanned skin in no time. Thanks to the active ingredients, the pigment present in your skin is brought to the surface. If you then expose the skin to the sun, the skin will color even faster. And all thanks to the Haarlemmer brown oil.

Various products from Haarlemmer Brown

Before, during and after sunbathing, there are various Haarlemmer brown products that you can use to care for your hair
skin. The Haarlemmer oil is suitable for anyone who wants to get an even browner skin while sunbathing. Since the Haarlemmer oil does not provide protection against the sun, you can use it in combination with the Haarlemmer brown SPF 20. This product ensures that you can enjoy the sun's rays without any worries. After sunbathing, you can apply Haarlemmer Brown After Sun to your skin, which has a soothing effect on sensitive and dry skin. Thanks to the different products, you can quickly create the Haarlemmer brown effect.

Carefully selected natural raw materials

The ingredients list is one of the plus points of Haarlemmer brown products. Natural products that have been carefully selected are often used. Some of the ingredients used for the Haarlemmer oil are coconut, olive and almond. The advantage of the natural products used is that they have a caring effect on the skin. It doesn't matter if you're in or out
sun, your dry skin is a thing of the past!

Buy Haarlemmer brown at Tanboutique

Are you looking for the perfect sun cosmetics product for your skin? At Tanboutique you can find Haarlemmer Bruin products. Don't know which sun cosmetics are best for your skin? Please feel free to contact us. Our specialists are happy to help you make the right choice!

Jacob Hooy, a real favorite!

Discover the timeless beauty of Jacob Hooy's Haarlemmer brown, an ultimate classic for a radiant complexion. Our Haarlemmer tanning bed products are infused with age-old knowledge and natural ingredients to care for your skin while you enjoy a beautiful glow. With simple instructions on how to use Haarlemmer Bruin, Jacob Hooy's Haarlemmer Bruin offers an effortless way to achieve a healthy and natural look. With our Haarlemmer brown instructions for use, achieving that perfect sun-kissed look becomes a piece of cake.

Haarlemmer brown instructions for use

The instructions for use for Haarlemmer Bruin by Jacob Hooy are simple and effective. Apply the lotion evenly to clean and dry skin. Massage the product gently, paying special attention to dry areas such as knees, elbows and ankles. Allow the lotion to be completely absorbed before sunbathing. Repeat if necessary for a deeper and long-lasting tan. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after use to avoid stains. With the Haarlemmer Bruin instructions for use by Jacob Hooy, you are well on your way to a beautiful and natural complexion.